Weligama, Sri Lanka SPECIAL RETREATS

8 Day intensive Breathwork Yoga Retreat – Explore, Feel, Reconnect and create Clarity for yourself

30. Nov. – 07. Dec. 2019 (full)
7. Mar. – 14. Mar. 2020 (full)
28. Nov. – 05. Dec. 2020
09. Jan. – 16. Jan. 2021
06. Feb. – 13. Feb. 2021
06. Mar. – 13. Mar. 2021
from 890 EUR p.p.

Do you have the call for a change? You would like to let go of all patterns, which holds you back from living the life you want?

In this eight-day intensive Breathwork Retreat, we will give you the opportunity in a safe space to face your emotions and feelings which you maybe have avoided your whole life. And we will teach you how to let them go in love and to reconnect with your real power. You will take back 100% responsibility for your own life and meet your true self. The first step to a happy and self-determined life.

Daily we will practice Breathwork, Yoga, mantras, and affirmations to deepen the healing process in ourselves.
Massages, healthy tasty food, and an amazingly supportive group will help you to let go even more. Your breath will be your guide through this journey!

Discover yourself in the miraculous south of Sri Lanka. This Island is a magic place with beautiful green nature to find inner peace, to strengthen your body with yoga and to clear your mind & body with Breathwork. Sri Lanka is the home of Ayurveda one of the oldest healing systems, which believes wellness depends on a balance between mind, body & spirit. This balance we will build up during the week and give you space which you need to. We will nourish you with healthy plant-based food, all grown locally and if you like get ayurvedic treatments.

*Breathwork can be described as a portal and door to our internal and external worlds. In only one session you can give space, expansion and opportunity for shifts, movement, insights, change, and the chance to come back to our bodies that hold us so dearly and work non-stop so that we may exist here and now.

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29. Dec. 2019 – 04 Jan. 2020 (full)
27. Dec. 2020 – 02. Jan. 2021
from 850 EUR p.p.

Let’s come together to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new year.

What’s included:
⁃ 4 Wake up Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga classes with Pranayama & Meditation (2 hr)
⁃ 2 Wake-up Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga classes (1 hr)
⁃ 2 Breathwork sessions (2 hr)
⁃ 1 Mandala Breathwork
⁃ 1 Sunset Yoga basic class with Mandala Breathwork (1,5 hr)
⁃ 5 Sunset Yin-Yoga or Hatha Yoga classes (1,5 hr)
⁃ 3 guided Meditation
⁃ 1 active Kundalini Meditation
⁃ 1 new year cacao ceremony with intention setting
⁃ workshops
⁃ writing assignments
⁃ 6 nights in a shared Double/Twin Room at Green Peace Inn
⁃ 6 healthy plant-based breakfast
⁃ 5 fruit plate in the afternoon
⁃ 6 healthy plant-based dinner
⁃ 6 healthy plant-based dessert
⁃ welcome drink
⁃ unlimited drinking water
⁃ unlimited organic tea

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6 Day Detox Fasting Retreat with Yoga & Breathwork

26. Jan. – 31. Jan. 2020
from $520 p.p.

A unique opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.
All of us have so many beliefs, which are holding us back from living our dream life. And when it comes to food, most of us have a very strong belief. In this retreat, we want to introduce you to fasting and how you can benefit from fasting. Fasting is used in so many traditions all over the world.

Fasting has nothing to do with starving. Fasting is to give our body time to heal.

Let’s come together to learn more about our bodies and our mind.

What’s included:
10x Yoga classes (morning & evening)
2x Breathwork
3x guided Meditations
journaling exercises
1 ayurvedic full body massage
1 abdominal massage
talks about fasting and sharing experience
every day 2 fresh coconut water.
unlimited organic tea
unlimited mountain water
soup to start the fast and detox smoothie
soup to break the fast
breakfast on the day you check out

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Bow + Surf Immersion with Elisha Jane

22. Feb. – 02. Mar. 2020
from $1250 p.p.

10 days of Bowspring bliss in the junglely, beautiful, majestic Sri Lanka!

Bowspring is a functional, ergonomic, athletic, and therapeutic practice that aims to maintain your spinal curves and create more balanced harmony within the whole body. It helps to address modern-day postural imbalances (such as the C-curve from increased slouching and sitting posture) due to technological advances. It is an evolution of modern postural yoga, with poses and posturing based on uniform muscular tone and fascial directionality.

What’s included:
• 2 Bowspring classes per day // Handstand Workshops
• 2 group surf lessons
• Choice of deep tissue or secret root Ayurvedic full body massage
• Breathwork with Martina and Alex
• 2 vegan meals daily, with the freedom to explore for your 3rd meal
• Beautiful oceanfront accommodations
• An amazing group of humans to have an awesome getaway with


Extra optional activities to fill your time with:
• Surfing
• Diving
• Snorkel with turtles
• Blue whale and dolphin tour
• Massages and Ayurvedic treatments
• Private & Group Reiki and Breathwork sessions by Martina & Alex
• Visit tea plantations
• Shirodhara
• Ayurvedic Steam bath
• Ayurvedic Dosha constitution

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Full Moon Yoga Retreat with Ida na Pingala

8. Feb. – 15. Feb. 2020 (full)
23. Feb. – 02. Mar. 2021
(This Yoga Retreat will be held in Swedish)

Ida na Pingala Yoga Retreat is a small unique Yoga Retreat company, started and run by two Yoga teachers, Ida Grimstedt and Rebecca Rylander, both from Sweden. Their great passion in life is to spread the healing power of Yoga and to create wonderful communities of friendship and Yoga around the world, in magical and well-chosen locations. Together they arrange Yoga Retreats both in Sweden and abroad.
In February 2020 they will host a Full Moon Yoga Retreat at Green Peace Inn where they wish to share yoga, love, and friendship while creating an oasis of acceptance, development, joy, and happiness for everyone.
The Yoga Retreat is for everyone; no experiences of Yoga are needed. The focus is to create balance in body, mind, and soul through Yin & Yang philosophy and to create a magical break under the light of the full moon. The Yoga styles they will offer vary between Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Every morning will start with a dynamic Vinyasa flow to wake up your body in a nice and healthy way and every evening will offer you a slow and healing Yin yoga class to get balanced and ready for good night sleep. Different Meditations will also be held as well as Breathwork, workshops and day trips.

Feel free to contact Ida and Rebecca if you have any questions: idanapingala@hotmail.com

Or visit their webiste for more information:

“Life is meant for spectacular adventures. Let your feet wander, your eyes marvel and your soul ignite ”

Love and Yoga
Ida and Rebecca

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Nourish yourself and pay what you want – Yoga Retreat

19 – 25 April 2020
Experience something NEW

This is a special week in the season where we want to try a new concept for a Retreat. Mostly the person who holds the retreat or offering a service, decide how much you have to pay for it.
We know everyone lives with a different budget. And something that is cheap for someone can be expensive for someone else.
We want to try to give the responsibility back to you. You can come to us, and we will offer you a fantastic room with ocean view, breakfast, Yoga, dinner, Breathwork and more.

After the week with us, you can decide how to value the Retreat was for your life and how much you want to give for each service.

What do you think? You have nothing to lose, come and enjoy some Yoga, surf, and healthy plant-based food at the beach.

We are offering for max. 10 people:
– 2 Shared Twin Deluxe Rooms with sea view, AC and private bathroom
– 1 Double Deluxe Room with sea view, AC, and private bathroom
– 1 Double Bed Superior Room with sea view, AC and private bathroom
– 1 Shared Twin Bed Superior Room with sea view, AC and private bathroom

– 5 Sunrise Yoga 1,5 hr (Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin Yoga)
– 6 Sunset Yoga 1,5 hr (Gentle Hatha/Yin Yoga)
– 1 Breathwork session (2hr)
– 1 Ayurvedic Massage
– 6 night in a Double/Twin Room at Green Peace Inn
– 6 healthy plant-based breakfast
– 6 healthy plant-based
– 1 Sri Lankan cooking class
– welcome drink
– unlimited organic tea
– unlimited drinking water

What you have to do to get this unique offer?
Send us until 1st March an email, why you would love to stay at Green Peace Inn and what you expect from the stay. Be creative and show us your unique personality and lifestyle. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Send your email to info@greenpeaceinn.com


Do you want to run your own Retreat? Contact us for more informations.

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